Set-up Scan to Email Canon ADVANCE Copier

Using Two-Step Verification
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Set-up Scan to Email Canon ADVANCE Copier
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Setting Up Scan To Email on Canon Copiers

*NOTE: This guide is ONLY for Gmail Accounts.*

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to actually setup SCAN TO EMAIL 

A Multi-Step Process for Scanning 

There are 7 steps to setting up scan to email for your Canon Copier

1. 2 Step verification

2. App Password

3. Configuring Scan To Email

4. Registering New Destination

5. Setting Port Settings

Once those steps are done, you’ll be able to scan document to your google email

2 Step Verification and App Password 

The first thing you need to do is setup a 2 step verification on your google account. All you have to do is go to your google account, go to security settings, and click 2 step verification.

You also need to create an app password. You can also do this through your google account.

Once you generate a password, you should receive a 16 digit code. Make sure you save this code, as you will need it later in the process.

Connecting Your Copier to a Computer

The best way to do this is to type in your copiers IP Address into the browser. (How To Find Your IP Address) It is easiest to use the IP address because it will take you right to the copiers settings on your computer.

Once you login to you copier, go through your settings until you get to “Send”. Click on “Send” and go to Network Settings. From here you can select SMTP server, add a gmail account, use SMTP Authentication, and more.

Be sure to add the sender’s email under “SMTP Server”

Now, under Use SMTP Authentication you need to change the password to the 16 digit code you got from the app password step.


Setting the Sender/Receiver Name 

It is important to set names for a sender and receiver email because this will allow the system to save the emails under a common name.

So, you do not have to manually type in the same email every time you use it. You can simply just find all the names and email addresses associated with them in the address book.

Under Common Settings you can create a Unit Name for the sender’s email. Once this is done, you can go to the address book to create a recipient name. You can do this under “Register New Destination…” and just add a name and email address.

Port Settings

For this step, you will physically need to change the settings on the copier itself. You cannot use the IP Address to change the port settings.

The port settings are essential for setting up Scan to Email on Canon Copiers. These settings allow you to connect your copier to external devices. For example, once you set up your port settings properly, you can connect your computer to your copier wirelessly.

To find the port settings, go to “Specify Port Number for SMTP”. You will want to set the SMTP TX to 465.

Now you should be able to scan documents from the sender email to the recipient email in your address book.

Set-up Scan to Email Canon ADVANCE Copier
Duplicating Systems Inc November 17, 2021
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