Why Your Business Should Consider buying Refurbished Copiers

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September 17, 2020 by
Why Your Business Should Consider buying Refurbished Copiers
Keith Shoemaker*

Multifunction printers and copiers make life in the modern office easier. Finding a new copier, however, can be somewhat difficult when you’re running a small business on a strict budget. Refurbished copiers open a new path for a small business in need of new productivity tools. If you’re want to buy a refurbished copier for your business, check out these benefits.

Same Features, Lower Price

One of the perks of purchasing a refurbished copier is that you’ll get all of the same features and functions of a brand-new copier at a discounted price. While it’s easy to think that refurbished copiers lack the quality and reliability of their brand-new counterparts, the reality is drastically different.

Refurbished copiers and printers are reconditioned to exact standards to ensure excellent longevity and performance. Skilled technicians thoroughly inspect and clean the copiers.  High-quality components replace the damaged and worn parts. Technicians comprehensively test the machines to ensure that every function works before they’re put on sale.

There are plenty of positive benefits that come with purchasing refurbished office machines:

  • Enjoy increased productivity and reliability without having to buy brand-new equipment
  • Save money in the long run by reducing new equipment procurement costs
  • Redirect resources towards other aspects of the business

Refurbished Copiers Promote Greater Sustainability

Thousands of copiers, printers, and other office equipment end up in landfills throughout the United States, adding a significant toll on the environment. Many of the materials used in a typical copier don’t decompose quickly, resulting in an environmental impact.

If you’re eager to promote sustainability in your office equipment purchases, buying a refurbished copier is the way to go. By purchasing a refurbished copier, you’ll be purchasing a conditioned device that otherwise would go to the landfill. Buying a refurbished copier also fulfills the “reuse” component of the “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle” mantra.

Only a trusted reseller can help you purchase the right equipment your business needs, whether it’s a refurbished copier or any other type of office equipment. Contact IMAGEwise today to learn more.

Why Your Business Should Consider buying Refurbished Copiers
Keith Shoemaker* September 17, 2020
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